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Psychologically-Informed Care

Person-Centered Manual Therapy

Expert Exercise Prescription

Expert Communication Skills

Everyone Should be the Complete Clinician

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The Complete Clinician Journey

Step One - Build the Foundation

Get a rock solid foundation in pain neurophysiology, psychology theory, and the perspective of the lived experiencers (our patients)

Step Two - Communication and Interaction Skill Overhaul

Become a contextual architect and learn the difference between being an operator vs interactor. Develop your psychologically-informed practice and see what true human-centered practice is all about

Step Three - Intervention Update Process

Take what you already do well and learn how to bring your manual therapy, exercise, dry needling, TENS, cupping, taping, iastm..and more and communicate and apply them based on current science and in a truly person-centered manner

Step Four - Clinical Reasoning and Patient Management Framework

You will learn a framework to manage every unique human that enters your practice from the persistent pain of 30 years to the athlete negotiating an injury. Learn a di-biasing strategy to give you high level critical thinking skills to serve you in practice and life.

What do our students say?

"Since I went through the Modern Pain Care program, I have found massive success by recognizing the context of care, modifying my communication and altering my clinical environment and edifying my staff better. I am now seeking to optimize care for my clients as a solo practitioner​"
Harold Pan
Physical Therapist
"My experience with Modern Pain Care  have all exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this online course as a great opportunity to learn and discuss many concepts in pain science with Mark Kargela and Jarod Hall.  It was a great experience all knowledge shared by these pain educators and made a huge difference in my clinical reasoning and clinical practices. Thank you, guys."
Karina Lagoa
Physiotherapist & Osteopath
"I got asked to speak at the annual CA physical medicine and rehabilitation conference in Long Beach, CA thanks to all the increased knowledge I got from being part of your program  😄 The pain physician I work with at the chronic pain program I’m a part of invited me to speak after hearing the last presentation I gave about pain and he loved it!"
Michael Aquino
Physical Therapist

Level Up Your Patient Interview!

Download our Patient Interview Workbook to get the blueprint to a more comprehensive interview

What do our students say?

"Other Courses I’ve taken have been beneficial, but never as easy to apply directly to clinical practice as this. This is a must take course for all physical therapists and for any other medical professionals ​"
Trevor Hirsch
Physical Therapist
"This program is amazing and should be strongly considered for anyone that wants to enhance their skill set. It’s a great introduction for people new to the pain science realm and builds significantly on that for those that already have experience. The mentors in the process truly care about you and your learning. The format of the course allows you to learn in a number of different ways. I highly recommend it!!"
Alex Contner
Physical Therapist
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