Exposure Based Treatment in Physical Therapy

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by cblickenstaff
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Audience:  PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, ATCs, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors

Approved for 2.0 CCUs by ProCert by FSBPT

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0:00-0:30 Some background/history:
Classical and operant conditioning models
Conditioning models use in psychology and learning theory
Discuss works of Fordyce and Vlaeyen as it relates

0:30-1:00 Graded exposure
Fear Hierarchies
Extinction and habituation models
Physical therapy examples
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

1:00-1:30 Graded Activity
Quota based graded progressions
Positive and Negative Reinforcement and punishment
Physical therapy examples

1:30-2:00 Expectancy Violation
Discuss recent work by Michelle Craske
Inhibitory learning
Safety behaviors
Role of timing on education given this model

2:00-2:30 Questions and Discussion

Upon completion of this webinar the participants will be able to:

  1. Describe two foundational differences between the classical and operant conditioning models.
  2. Defend an exposure based treatment choice based on the use of the phoda as a means of obtaining a heirarchy of feared activities
  3. Define the concepts of extinction and habituation as it relates to delivery of physical therapy interventions
  4. Correctly articulate one example of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, and punishment in physical therapy care
  5. Correctly articulate three examples of expectancy violation in physical therapy practice
  6. Correctly articulate three examples of safety behaviors that exist in the behavioral repertoire of their own patient caseload

About the Instructor

Cory owns and operates Forward Motion Physical Therapy (http://blog.forwardmotionpt.com), which provides on the job site physical therapy clinics in the Vancouver, WA area utilizing various movement and manual therapy approaches to empower people toward an autonomous state of health as it relates to movement.

Cory also co-hosts, along with Sandy Hilton, of the popular Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast (http://ptpodcast.com/podcasts/pain-science-and-sensibility/) on the PTPodcast Network (http://ptpodcast.com).

Cory works with individuals who are dealing with movement related problems such as pain or orthopedic injury as well as employers who are struggling with the consequences of pain and injury on their workforce.  Services are also provided to individuals hoping to improve performance at work/play/fitness and who are looking for guidance on maintaining healthy movement through the life span.

He has presented nationally on topics including application of graded exposure, graded activity, novel movements, movement variability, as well as application of care to the work place. He also authored a mono-graph on prevention strategies in the workplace through American Physical Therapy Association (https://www.orthopt.org/content/c/24_1_the_injured_worker).

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Graded exposure and graded activity have been increasingly gaining attention in physical therapy and their concepts are appearing widely in the pain science literature. This course will focus on clarifying and describing some of the various CBT approaches to treating people in pain with particular focus on concepts from exposure based therapies and graded activity. Focus will be on identifying the presence of these concepts in contemporary PT practice as well as purposefully including the concepts to a course of care.
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