Start your Complete Clinician Journey

  • Coaching / Mentorship
  • Online Courses
  • Live Courses

Coaching and mentorship may be for you if….

  • What you learned in school doesn't always fit the patients in your clinic?
  • Burning out and feeling like you need to give your practice a kick start?
  • Can't afford and/or can't move for a residency/fellowship?
  • Want to make the clinic your best classroom where you can learn from each and every encounter?
  • Tired of Instagram and Facebook highlight reels that give no direction on how to apply things to your unique practice?
  • You want to develop a process that allows you to truly demonstrate PERSON-CENTERED CARE
  • You want feedback for the patients you are currently struggling with


Enroll in our 25.5 hour CEU approved blueprint to becoming the complete clinician.  Go deep into pain science and best practice around communication, psychologically-informed care, exercise, manual therapy, and education. Truly embody what it means to deliver person-centered care 

The Complete Clinician in Your Backyard

Our live weekend flagship course will have you updating your practice to reflect current science around psychologically-informed care, manual therapy, exercise, and patient education

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