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Pain Science

10 Steps to “Pain Sciencing” With Success

Figuring out where “Pain Science” fits into practice is not always easy….. “Pain Science” has become quite the popular topic in the last several years with the publication of Explain Pain, Aches and Pains, and The Sensitive Nervous System as well as the gradual move away from the postural structural biomechanical model to a more all-encompassing biopsychosocial model as

Manual Therapy

Mark and Jarod Hate Manual Therapy

“Mark and Jarod hate manual therapy”. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this eavesdropping on conversations, been told this directly to our face or via social media, or found that other clinicians were berating us behind our back about our “disdain” for manual therapy we certainly wouldn’t have to work near so many long days and over

Pain Science

9 Things Everyone Should Know About Pain

Listen as Jarod Hall shares a lecture on 9 things every person should know about pain! Make sure you check out the PDF that you can share with patients in your practice to help have conversations to help them make sense of their often frustrating and confusing journey.  DOWNLOAD HERE Your PAIN is real  Don’t ever let

Pain Science

Painful Reflections

Well… It’s been a long while since I sat down and wrote anything more than a post for social media, text message, or clinical daily note. I’m not even sure if anyone reads blog articles anymore with the Instagram anatomy picture canned exercise craze and fitness model boomerang dances taking the world over. But alas,

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