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Clinical Reasoning

If it Hurts THIS Bad, I Must be REALLY Messed Up!

We have all had this type of patient walk in our clinic doors before. If you’re anything like me, it happens on the regular. Let’s call him Mike. He is in his mid forties, a little bit larger in stature, and consistently talks about the “good ole days”. As he begins his history, he does

Clinical Reasoning

Should Patient Expectations Drive Clinical Destinations?

Patient expectations are an interesting and important aspect of clinical care recently becoming a hot button issue in discussions of evidence based medicine and patient centered care. The patient should of course always be at the center of our care, and often clinical decision making is heavily influenced by patient expectations, but what happens when those expectations don’t coincide with what the research supports?

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Pain Science

OUCHY….Ouch….Oooh…OK….Ahhh: From Boiling to Chilling in under a minute

Ok, you got me… I admit it. I’m a complete and total nerd. With that, one of my favorite things to do is sit around and philosophize, reflectively think, and find ways to conceptualize complex topics in the form of simple stories and analogies. More often than not, this occurs in relation to consciousness, human

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Clinical Reasoning

F*** Our Differences

Are we all the same? Are we all different? Are we all the same but different? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and my current opinion, take it or leave it, is that the bulk of what we fight over and spend so much time studying are small things that just don’t really

Clinical Reasoning

Can Pain Science and Biomechanics Get Along?

Join CJ Depalma, Jarod Hall, and Mark Kargela as they discuss whether pain science and biomechanics can get along. Some great points are discussed that should help you navigate this relationship in your practice. The blog by Joel Seedman is the reference point for this discussion.  BEWARE – CRAZY LONG BLOG – CHECK IT OUT HERE

Clinical Reasoning

What Every Student and New Grad Clinician Needs to Know

Navigating the evolution from student life to clinician life can be a tough transition. It can sometimes feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose, an imposter, like you are spinning your wheels, or like you don’t have good direction. With the countless questions about how to be successful as a new grad and student

Clinical Reasoning

The Best Papers of 2019

We always are looking at ways to exit our own echo chamber and get an idea of what others’ opinions and views on things are.  When it comes to research this is no different.  We all tend to interpret and apply research differently.  So we put out a post on social media to ask for what

Clinical Reasoning

Clinical Pearls and Advice: An Update Part 1

Exactly 4 years ago this very week I wrote a blog article titled “Clinical Pearls and Advice from a Young PT to Even Younger PTs”. Feeling nostalgic this weekend I decided to take a gander through some of my old writings in order to peer into where my thoughts were and compare them to where

Pain Science

10 Steps to “Pain Sciencing” With Success

Figuring out where “Pain Science” fits into practice is not always easy….. “Pain Science” has become quite the popular topic in the last several years with the publication of Explain Pain, Aches and Pains, and The Sensitive Nervous System as well as the gradual move away from the postural structural biomechanical model to a more all-encompassing biopsychosocial model as

Manual Therapy

Mark and Jarod Hate Manual Therapy

“Mark and Jarod hate manual therapy”. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this eavesdropping on conversations, been told this directly to our face or via social media, or found that other clinicians were berating us behind our back about our “disdain” for manual therapy we certainly wouldn’t have to work near so many long days and over

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