About Us

Our work

Modern Pain Care is dedicated to improving the understanding and treatment of pain across the world.  We are focused on creating clinicians who critically think, demonstrate expert clinical reasoning, and can deliver truly person-centered care to every person they encounter. 

Our team

Mark Kargela

CEO & Lead Faculty

Mark is the founder of Modern Pain Care  and lead faculty member focusing on integrating modern science, humanities, and truly person-centered care into the everyday practice of clinicians treating pain.  Mark lectures around the world on various topics related to pain and updating PT practice.  He works with people all the way from Crossfitters to those in severe daily disabling chronic pain.

Jarod Hall

Partner & Lead Faculty

Dr. Jarod Hall  is internationally known blogger and lecturer.   He has been able to take his own experience as an early career clinician and help others navigate their own journey from the limitations of traditional PT school teaching to the incorporation of modern science around pain to better work in the gray areas of clinical practice  

Antonia Henry

Antonia is passionate about educating her clients through evidence-based practices to enable them for long term success on their health & fitness journeys. She fell in love with pain science after her own experience with chronic pain. Antonia helps busy professionals move more, eat better and live pain-free. She has her M.Sc in Applied Exercise Science with a concentration in Rehab, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism coach & 200 Hour registered yoga teacher. When she’s not working, you can find her in the gym, cuddling with Otto, her Great Dane, or drinking Gin & Tonic.

Cameron Faller

Cameron is a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist who prides himself in working with a diverse population of individuals specializing in sports medicine, persistent pain, and vestibular rehab. He enjoys diving into the complexities of evidence based medicine to gain a better understanding of the application within clinical practice.

Zachary Huff

Zachary Huff is a physical therapist and educator out of Oklahoma City, OK.  He spent 9 years in tribal healthcare, helping underserved patients regain confidence in their bodies and shape their recovery. He eventually realized his passion for education and transitioned into a faculty role where he advocates active patient engagement, strong clinical reasoning, and skillful communication.